Keeping your own greenhouse

If you love gardening all year round, then a greenhouse is the perfect investment for you. Greenhouses allow you to control the internal temperature, humidity, and sunlight exposure to the plants you are growing, all while the external environment can be completely different.

It is important that your greenhouse has areas that allow your plants to be exposed to the sun and also areas of shade too. Plants require a good range of sunlight and shade in order to grow effectively, too much of either may cause the plants to die.

Controlling the internal temperature of the greenhouse is done with small vents and windows, a heating and cooling system. Always keep a thermometer to monitor the temperatures during different times of the day, as a sudden change is not good for the plant growth.

If you are adding any new plant life into the greenhouse, always clean and check them before letting them enter. This will lower the rest of pests and insects entering the greenhouse and spreading to the rest of the plants inside.