Let your garden borders live on the wild side

When it comes to finishing off the look of your garden, some will choose to run grass to the edge, while others may choose to have a border around the edge. A border can be made into a flower bed, pebble stones or a wild garden design. 

A mass amount of plants, shrubs, trees and flower hedges can create a wild forest like appearance to your garden while also improving your home and gardens privacy.

Although wild borders are ‘wild’ they do however require regular maintained to ensure they do not go out of control. Weeds can find easily find their way into an out of control garden and ruin the look and design you were going for, and also kill many of your healthy plant life too.

Larger gardens benefit more from a wild border as the plants can take up a lot more space than you think. Having a neatly cut lawn along with a wild border means your garden gets a taster of both worlds and looks great through each season too.